Years at Buckeye Strength & Performance - CrossFit Scioto: 4

"The coaches at Scioto scaled everything for me in the beginning."


I am not the average CrossFitter. I am above average. I started at CrossFit Scioto close to their opening date. I am 58 and a half years old. I hadn’t really exercised since, well, ever. I was pretty active, but not with anything organized. It was and still is hard! Really hard. Sore for three months hard. The coaches at Scioto scaled everything for me in the beginning. This way I was successful in mind and body. The community of athletes is as encouraging as the coaches are. It really keeps me attending classes and in the mindset that I can keep improving my fitness. I’ll likely never compete in a CrossFit competition but I will stay active and play well with my grandchildren and teach them to do burpees.

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