Success Stories

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Daniel P.

1 years at Buckeye Met/Con

Love it here! Been a member for about 6 months and feel far more fit and knowledgeable about fitness than when I started. The coaches (s/o Jess and Riley) are welcoming and fun, and push you just the right amount to get the perfect workout in without over...

Danielle W.

6 years at Buckeye Met/Con

This is definitely my favorite place in Columbus to be. It is more than a workout and a gym. It's a community where gym memebers become gym partners who become good friends. Everyone there is so supportive, free of judgement, and always pushes you to be y...

Erik J.

5 years at Buckeye Met/Con

I have been going to CrossFit Scioto for about four years and I have noting but good things to say! I appreciate there are two coaches to help tweak my lifts and technique or to offer encouragement. The classes are smaller so I can ask for advice if neede...

Erin D.

1 years at Buckeye Met/Con

I recently moved back into the area and was looking to better my health but I was nervous about joining a gym and being judged as it has been several years since Ive worked out. My brother and sister in law are members at Buckeye and said I should go with...

Gary H.

2 years at Buckeye Met/Con

I was looking for a change of pace after the workouts at my old gym (non-CrossFit) were getting stale and monotonous, so my roommate recommended joining her for a free class at this gym (first class was free). I thought that I was in pretty decent shape b...


2 years at Buckeye Met/Con

Julie started with us 2 years ago at the urging of her sister Angie. She started in our Couch 2 CrossFit Program and has never turned back. Julie is a dedicated morning person as her day has not been messed up yet. Since coming to Buckeye Strength & P...

KATHLEEN TAGGARTs success story


2 years at Buckeye Met/Con

The coaches understand that CrossFit isn’t a one size fits all program – people are going to have different strengths and weaknesses. They focus on helping you better yourself every day. Setting personal goals knowing what you need to work on to...

SEAN RYANs success story


4 years at Buckeye Met/Con

Crossfit Scioto is a small gym full of amazing individuals. Athletes range from regional athletes to those stepping foot in the gym for the first time. I’ve witnessed first hand an indivual who has grown from never working out to literally holding world...

TERI WILLIAMSs success story


4 years at Buckeye Met/Con

I am not the average CrossFitter. I am above average. I started at CrossFit Scioto close to their opening date. I am 58 and a half years old. I hadn’t really exercised since, well, ever. I was pretty active, but not with anything organized. It was and s...


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