Lots of us will be traveling for the holidays. I am writing today from Florida and getting ready to go out and do #5. Try and carve 60 minutes out of your family time to do some finessing. Here are 5 quick and easy workouts you can do.

  1. AMRAP one movement and repeat! Pick air squats today, push ups tomorrow and lunges the next day. Simple easy and effective.
  2. A long time favorite of mine. 10-1,1-10 of Push Ups and Air Squats. 10 Good PU’s and 1 ass to grass air squat. Then 9 and 2, 8 and 3 until done. It also takes some brain power and math skills.
  3. Find a cinder block or large rock and incorporate them into your training. These are ways to add resistance without getting into a gym. Swings with a cinderblock or gobbled squats with a rock. Want to RX+ it, take the rock and do thrusters throwing the rock every time(just don’t do it in your families back yard.
  4. Want to add pull ups or muscle ups? Find a school or local park. Don’t scare the kids and get in some gymnastics skills.
  5. Lastly just go for a Run or Walk. Whether it is 400m repeats or a 5k, get busy.

Enjoy the holiday!



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